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Hamilton Trellis

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Whether you are just beginning your gardening journey or you are looking for a trellis to complement your current landscaping, the Hamilton trellis is your #1 choice.

Though the Hamilton is one of our smaller trellises, it contains 35 cells for your Hydrangeas, Morning Glory’s and Clematis to climb through and bloom.

  • Metal trellises will heat up and burn the plants that grow on them.
  • Wooden trellises will need repainting or replacing after only a few years.
  • The Hamilton is made of high quality vinyl and is guaranteed not to rot, crack, warp or turn yellow for a lifetime!


Item Code: VA68206
Approx. Time Commitment:  1 person, 2-3 hours
Posts: 1.5 x 1.5
Color: White
Number of Boxes: 1
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